amazon rainforest tours

The capital city of Peru is often the first view travelers get of this beautiful country, and it does not disappoint. A true metropolis lying just beyond the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Lima gives visitors a little bit of everything - historic significance, modern influence, cultural festivals, world-class food, diverse architecture, and exciting nightlife.​​


puerto maldonado - 3 days

For many adventure travelers to South America, Puerto Maldonado serves as the gateway to the vast Amazon rainforest. Today, Puerto Maldonado is still what it has been for centuries for adventure lovers: a pure and frontier land full of mysteries.

On this 3 day / 2 night tour you will be captivated by the exuberant wildlife (the most varied bio-diversity in the world) of the Amazon Basin - including river otters, caiman and capybaras - as you explore the Tambopata National Reserve and Lake Sandoval, with excursions led by expert guides.


Itinerary, departing from Puerto Maldonado airport year-round:

  • Day 1 - Boat to lodge, kayaking to Monkey Island and nature watching

  • Day 2 - Jungle walk, Tambopata National Reserve, boat on Lake Sandoval

  • ​Day 3 - Madre de Dios region clay salt licks​, zip lining through canopy


Included in this trip:

  • Transportation

  • All meals

  • 2 night accommodation

  • Excursions with expert jungle guide

  • Entrance to Lake Sandoval

  • Equipment

Adult $430 - student  $400

iquitos explorama lodge - 3 days

This trip to the Amazon brings you the most intimate, authentic experience possible. Through our partnership with Explorama, a company that offers environmentally responsible lodging and tour programming, you will be offered the best of Iquitos and the Amazon.


On this tour you will see both the natural beauty of the Amazon as well as the indigenous populations and their way of life. While nature-watching, you will go through the world's highest biodiversity of trees per square hectare, and see wildlife that simply does not compare to anywhere else.


Itinerary, departing from Iquitos airport year-round:

  • Day 1 - Reception and orientation at airport. 50-mile boat trip through Yanamono Stream, arrive at lodge, explore area via nature watching and stargazing.

  • Day 2 - Walk through Bushmaster Trail, amazing nature hike and guided tour through botanical gardens. Evening boat ride for dolphin watching and optional swim.

  • Day 3 -Morning walk along a local river trail with stops along the way to visit the "ribereños" or river people, visit a river school, see the local sugar cane rum factory"or visit our resident American medical doctor in her clinic. Transfer back to airport.


Included in this trip:

  • All lodging and meals

  • Privately owned transport over land and water.

  • Airport arrival and departure transfers. Arrival after 4pm requires the first night in Iquitos with transfer to Explorama lodge the following morning.

  • Local bilingual naturalist guides

  • Self-service potable water at all lodges.

  • All fully guided rainforest and river excursions

  • Free Wi-Fi in public spaces at Explorama Lodge

$560 (price depending on group size)

manu - 3 days

Manu will give you an experience in which you feel at one with the nature around you, as well as exhilarated by the incredible sights there are to see. This shorter trip packs in plenty of activity each day, which is great for travelers who are a little shorter on time.

View some of the region's biodiversity up close - we will take you to see the cloud forest, a parrot salt lick, and countless plant species. Travel by boat and by foot for the ultimate nature lover's trip.

Itinerary, departing from Cuzco year-round: 

  • Day 1 - Leave Cuzco by bus, travel through cloud forest, animal watching, arrive to lodge by boat

  • ​Day 2 - Nature walk around river, in the jungle, and to neighboring indigenous villages, visit Lake Machuhuasi for bird watching, rafting optional

  • ​Day 3 - Boat ride to parrot salt lick, boat ride to Lake Atalaya, return to Cuzco by bus

Included in this trip:

  • All transportation​

  • 2 night accommodation in lodge

  • All meals and snacks, mineral water

  • ​Excellent team of guides (security, navigation, cooking, first aid, expertise)

Adult $550 - Student $550