Classic Inca Trail - Cuzco

7 days 6 nights (Aug. 5th – 11th , 2020) Min. 8 / Max. 12

Cusco - Inca Trail - Machu Picchu



This package is tailor-made for those who want to experience the incredible strength of the ancient Inca
culture and an unforgettable adventure through some of Peru's most iconic sites. It's also a bit quicker
than some of our other packages - we will welcome you in Cusco, show you around the region, and then
get right to business with the coveted Inca Trail trek.
Check out the Itinerary to see what Conquer Peru offers for the adventurous traveler who wishes to see


Machu Picchu in all its glory, alongside experienced guides who help visitors make the most of their time.
For this specific trip package, we require a minimum of 8 travelers in a group.

Matilde Melendez, the founder of Conquer Peru will be leading the tour from Seattle. You will meet with her for a quick briefing before the trip in Seattle. If you are not located in Seattle, we will contact you on the phone. We will travel with you or we can meet in Lima airport and then be with you every step of the way from there.