Inca Empire                                                                              Cusco | Inca Trail

Available year round, except February



Day 1: Arrive in Cusco
Bienvenidos!  Welcome to Peru. You will be transferred from Cusco airport to the hostel of your choice after a brief welcoming session. Cusco is not just a simple town; it is a place of man-made beauty. Some consider it a time machine of sorts because it is the oldest inhabited city in the western Hemisphere, now called the Archeological Capital of America, and it is one of the new Wonders of the World. 

 In the afternoon, the Imperial Cusco City tour starts. You will visit four archaeological sites: Sacsayhuaman, where the Incas showed to the conquistadors the power of their Empire by building an incredible place using huge stones; Q’enqo, a ceremonial center; Pucapucara, a control point that served as a kind of customs office; and ambomachay, a sacred place where Incas worshiped the water. 

Included: Imperial Cusco City tour
Accommodations: Hostel

Day 2: Sacred Valley Tour
Today we will see the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Along the way, we will stop to take in the iconic view of the Urubamba River that snakes its way through the valley. Your journey continues to the small village of Pisac, with a colorful handicraft market, and the archeological complex of Pisac, where your guide will explain the history and Inca architecture of this wonderful site.

Next stop: Urubamba. Here, we will have lunch at a restaurant that specializes in the regional cuisine. Then we will head to Ollantaytambo, known as the living Inca city because it has kept the originality of the Inca style. An impressive archeological site can be seen here, made up of an enormous sculpture of the main Incan God called Wiracocha, carved into the mountainside. After that you will travel for one more hour to see the ancient town of Chinchero known as the land of the textiles, where you’ll learn about the process of weaving with alpaca hair.

Lastly, you will visit the colonial church to learn about its importance within archaeological history. You will return to Cusco and be transferred back to your hotel.

Included: Sacred Valley tour, entry to all sites, breakfast and lunch
Accommodations: Hostel


Day 3: Traditional Inca Trail 4d/3n
The beginning of a new adventure! Your guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the start of the trail, which takes roughly 2 hours. You will meet your crew of local porters and get your gear before beginning the trek.  You will walk 5 hours, covering the first 12 km of the trail.

Included: Transportation, porters, gear, all meals
Accommodations: Camping


Day 4: Inca Trail
Today is an unforgettable day. After a hearty breakfast, we’ll begin our hike on what will be our most challenging day. We will climb 900 metres (3000 feet) up to Warmiwañusqa, or ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’ at 4400 metres (14,435 feet). The trail winds its way up through a beautiful mountain pass with stunning panoramic views of the alpine wonderland. It’s a challenging hike to the pass, but the 360º views make every step worthwhile. After celebrating our ascent, we’ll walk down cobbled steps paved by the Incas over 500  years ago, to Pacaymayo Valley, our camp for the evening. We’ll already have tents set up so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the evening. We will walk 7 to 8 hours, covering 13 kilometers.

Included: Guided trekking, porters, gear, all meals
Accommodations: Camping

Day 5: Inca Trail
This is a day of impressive archeological sites. After breakfast, we start the ascent towards the second most important pass on the trail which lies at 13,123 ft. We will walk 6 hours, 15 kilometers.

Included: Guided trekking, porters, gear, all meals
Accommodations: Camping

Day 6: Inca Trail – Machu Picchu – Cusco
This is the final and most spectacular leg of the trail to Machu Picchu. You will break camp early in the morning and head off towards the Gateway of the Sun, the last pass on the trail. From this point, Machu Picchu is a surreal and marvelous site.

Once you arrive at the lost city of Machu Picchu, there will be a 2-hour, fully guided tour around the ruins, visiting the main sites and monuments. After the tour, you will have free time to wander around and explore by yourself or you can choose to take a hike to Huayna Picchu, which is very steep and rugged, but rewarding. Once you reach the overlook atop the pass, you will get to witness an overhead view of the city that only a handful of people in history have ever seen – past or present. Alternatively, you can choose to spend the rest of your morning exploring the town and village in and around Machu Picchu. At the arranged time, we will take the train back to Cusco to be transferred to your hostel. 

Included: Transportation, guided tour, breakfast
Accommodations: Hostel

Day 7: Cusco – Lima
Today you will be seen off like royalty after an incredibly rewarding trip. We will take care of all the transportation arrangements to get you back to Lima. We will deliver you in style to the airport, where your flight awaits. We’ll help with whatever you need: Check-ins, tickets, luggage, etc.


Included: Transportation, breakfast

Just remember to come back and vacation with us again. You can never see too much of Peru.