The capital city of Peru is often the first view travelers get of this beautiful country, and it does not disappoint. A true metropolis lying just beyond the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Lima gives visitors a little bit of everything - historic significance, modern influence, cultural festivals, world-class food, diverse architecture, and exciting nightlife.​​

I am not from India. Can I participate?

Indeed. We are surviving a global pandemic and we encourage global participation.

Is there a registration fee?

The registration/processing fee for each entry is ₹299 for students and ₹499 for professionals for teams participating from within the national territory of India.

For each team participating from beyond the international borders, the fee is €8.

Are Special Effects allowed?

Yes, you can include special effects.

What will be the duration of the films?

The films are to be made no longer than 10 minutes. This is because, for a good film produced in this challenge, 4 to 6 minutes is an ideal duration.

Does the maximum length of the film include end credits?

Yes, the end credits are included in the duration of your film.

Can I modify the film after the deadline?

Of course, you can modify the film post the deadline. It is your film!

How do I upload my film faster?

We would recommend you to render the film at 720p for faster upload results. Also, keeping the file size below 1 GB would make it faster. Third party compression tools like handbrake and such can help compress your videos but use them at your own discretion.

Can I send in multiple entries?

Yes, you just need to pay the processing fee for each.

What are the films about?

The films can be about the current situation, or even act as a distraction from the same but have to adhere to the theme presented. Each team selects its Genre separately. However, creatively there are no limitations on the filmmaker, but competitional – constraints.

Who watches these films?

The films made at this festival are screened publicly on the internet. The audience consists of Film buffs, participating teams and their family and friends. These films are also showcased on our website and YouTube channel. Filmmakers can also share these films across their circle.

What can be the team size?

The team can have a minimum of 1 person and a maximum of a city who need to be registered. Each registered team member receives an e-certificate from Tales in 10.

Can I sponsor this challenge?

Please mail us at < productions.sharp.nerd@gmail.com >

Is any footage allowed in the end credits?

Yes. It should be an original composition or you should own the rights for it.

Can I use a stock photo?

If you own the rights to the photo, you can use it.

Is animation allowed?

Yes, if you wish to make an animated film, go for it!

Can we include a title animation or our company logo in the film?

Yes, you can. Provided they are only on screen for less than 10 seconds.

What should be the shooting quality, aspect ratio and sound for the film?

The final output should be a MPEG4 file with a resolution of 720p. The aspect ratio should be 16:9. The sound has to be stereo.

What is the criteria for disqualification from the festival?

  1. Your entry has been submitted in the previous seasons of Tales In 10 Short Film Festival

  2. Your film disrespects the inclusive audience and involves any explicit non PG-13 content

  3. You have not included the title slide before your film

  4. You have not included subtitles in your film

  5. You have not paid or there is an error in the processing fee

  6. The drive link shared is inaccessible by us.

What language must my film be in? Do I need to add subtitles?

Your film can be in any language. Subtitles are compulsory for all films. You can refer to rules for more specific details about subtitles.

I am a participant from out of India. What standard time should we follow for the festival dates?

The standard time for the challenge will be Indian Standard Time.

I can’t find a team member. Can SHARP_NERd help?

No. The idea is to engage yourself at home while maintaining social-distancing.

I am a filmmaker participating with a mobile phone. Can I edit my film on mobile itself?

Sure. It is your film. But maintain the aspect ratio.

Do I need a 'Location Release' to shoot on public property?

No, you need a location release only on a privately held property. But we strongly recommend taking permits wherever necessary in the case of public property.

Where do I upload the film?

Refer our website. An upload link will be made available if not already available.

Can I use mobile to upload my film?

We highly advise you to use a laptop to upload your film. Mobile connections tend to be inconsistent, leading to delays. Use of a high-speed broadband is definitely a plus!

How do you judge so many films?

Each film, according to its category of participation, is sent to multiple different pre-juries for evaluation, consisting of our team members. The cumulative score from the pre-juries is used to prepare a list of merit. The top films from each category are sent to the final jury for viewing and ranking.

Is the judging process transparent?

With our target to involve and engage everyone during this tough time we strive hard to make sure that justice is done to each and every film submitted. We shall make it our best attempt to coordinate with everyone while working remotely. To make sure we do not miss out on any films, the team will also watch these films simultaneously and raises an issue internally if any flaws or biases are found in the process. We do not entertain any requests for paid awards, neither have in the past and nor will in the future, to keep the spirit of competition alive.

How long does it take to process a film?

We initiate the process once our finance team confirms the payment of your processing fee. Given we are flooded with entries, we may take up to 24 hours before we can start processing your film.

I have submitted my film and paid the registration fee but I wish to withdraw it or not screen it. Would I get a refund?

Yes, you may inform us to not screen your film by sending us an email with the name of your film in the subject. However, it would have to be before we complete processing the entry. Once the entry has been processed, it would not be possible for us to initiate a refund.

What is the preferred mode of payment?

We are flexible and accept the following payment methods available: 1. UPI 2. E-wallets (Paytm, GPay, PhonePe, AmazonPay, etc.) 3. Bank Transfer For international submissions, we have TransferWise accounts set up for your convenience.

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